Ride Snowboards & Drive Thru Records Promo CD

Ride CD - Cover

When I was younger (15, 2001) I went to a Ride Snowboards demo in western NY. While there I got a hold of a free demo CD of bands on the Drive Thru Records label. I loved that CD and listened to it over and over again for at least a year. After I moved to CA from NY, I lost this CD and have been looking for it ever since. Well, this past week, I found it on Ebay.

Apparently, it was a very limited release and was never sold anywhere. It was only given out for free at demos. Super glad I found it and for only $5. Hopefully someone else will be looking for it and read this.

Below is the track listing:

  1. The Benjamins – Sophia on the Stereo
  2. The Benjamins – Wonderful
  3. The Benjamins – Couch
  4. New Found Glory – Sincerely Me
  5. Home Grown – Give It Up
  6. Starting Line – Cheek to Cheek
  7. Starting Line – Leaving
  8. Midtown – Let Go
  9. Midtown – No Place Feels Like Home
  10. RX Bandits – Anyone But You
  11. Allister – Stuck
  12. The Movie Life – 10 Seconds Too Late
  13. The Movie Life – This Time Next Year
  14. H2O – Out of Debt

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